A range of massages to suit you. Self care is important, see our treatments and choose exactly what you need and deserve.  We’re here for you!

Wellbeing Massage

Your therapist will customise your massage to suit your needs – targeting specific areas, working to de-stress or detoxify.

30 Minutes                                                                                                                    £35.50

45 Minutes                                                                                                                   £44.50

60 Minutes                                                                                                                   £54.00

75 Minutes    


Hot Stone Massage is a treatment to take you to a new level of calmness and wellbeing. Muscles are relaxed in a sensation unique to stone therapy, giving a deep massage which releases tension from mind, body and spirit. A very popular salon treatment which is also an ideal gift choice.

45 Minutes                                                                                                                       £48.50

75 Minutes                                                                                                                       £68.00

Hot Stone Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage

A re-balancing and restoring massage using a combination of naturally heated bamboo, oil and hands on technique. A body face and limb treatment enabling lymphatic drainage and relaxation simultaneously. Ideal for sore muscles, stress and tension.

60 Minutes                                                                                                                    £57.50

Beneficial for relaxation, soothing nerves, relieving backache and tired, swollen legs. This gentle massage gives a feeling of well-being to both mother and baby. Suitable throughout pregnancy, oils used are completely safe and the comfort of the mum-to-be is always assured.

60 Minutes                                                                                                                     £54.00

Pampering Pregnancy Massage

A firm, soothing pressure point massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders. Wonderful for anyone who suffers from headaches or that ‘tight’ feeling of the head.

45 Minutes                                                                                                                     £47.00

Indian Head Massage

Tui Na

Remedial massage for conditions such as frozen shoulder, lower back pain, tight muscles, aching neck, all over body rejuvenation – a few of the conditions that benefit

Tui Na is a branch of Traditional Chinese medicine and is often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping. It is a hand on body treatment. This treatment stimulates the flow of Qi to promote balance and harmony using the same principles as acupuncture

30 Minutes                                                                                                                  £35.00

45 Minutes                                                                                                                 £53.00