ESPA Holistic Treatments

ESPA essential body treatments are a combination of Spa inspired treatments that harness the best of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, and phytotherapy. Absorbing these elements the ESPA philosophy is focused upon enhancing an individual’s lifestyle by using deeply relaxing and anti-stressing oils, revitalising seaweeds, cleansing muds, exfoliating sea salts and therapeutic herbs, all of which help to achieve outstanding results in a way that is both holistic and versatile. The treatments provide deep cleansing and exfoliation whilst relieving tension and stress and leaving the mind and body soothed and relaxed

Holistic Back, Face and Scalp treatment

A truly holistic experience, combining a deep cleansing back exfoliation with a powerful back massage using essential oils to soothe, relax and balance. This is followed by an ESPA intensive facial tailored to your individual needs and finishes with a therapeutic head massage to help clear the mind, calm the spirit and ease tension.

1 Hour 15 Minutes                                                                                                      £71.50

This all encompassing treatment commences with a full body skin brushing and exfoliation to prepare the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. This is then followed by a luxurious body massage followed by an essential facial using a blend of essential oils chosen to suit individual requirements. Ultimate tranquillity is achieved with a mind calming oriental head massage

1 Hour  30 Minutes                                                                                                          £87.00

Total Holistic Body care

ESPA Massage

ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation and sensory test will ensure you receive a unique treatment with massage techniques and a blend of essential oils to suit your specific needs of the moment.

60 Minutes                                                                                                                    £56.00

Focused on naturally improving the skin to provide outstanding instant and long term results. Every facial begins with a details skin analysis and includes specific double cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, an acupressure facial massage and a deep cleansing intensive face mask. Whilst the mask is taking effect, experience a relaxing and therapeutic oriential head massage with pink hair and scalp mud, then enjoy specific moisturising and skin protection to suit your needs. 

Skin Radiance facial 

Perfect for all skin conditions particularly when environmental stress, business pressure or lack of sleep can leave you with a dull and lifeless skin.                                                                                                    

Re-Hydrator facial   

Ideal for dry, dehydrated, flaky and tired skin. This re-hydrating facial is an excellent re-generating boost.                                                                                          

Re-Balancing facial     

Ideal for oily, congested, problematic skin or those suffering from hormonal imbalance.                                                                                  

Re-Generating facial          

An intensive boost for maturing stressed or distressed skin.            

60 Minutes                                                                                                                    £54.50

ESPA Intensive Facial