Dr Liu will recommend a treatment plan that may include more than one treatment type e.g. cupping, acupuncture, & gua sha. Each treatment lasts 45 minutes with a simple single price. Treatments can be purchased as a course to save money.

Initial Consultation Assessment and Treatment Plan (30 mins)                           £25.00

Single treatment (45 mins)                                                                                           £50.00

8 treatments, includes 1 free (save £50)                                                                    £350

12 treatments, includes 2 free (save £100)                                                               £550

Tui Na treatment (30 mins).                                                                                          £35

Chinese Herbal Medicines (per week)                                                                       £56-80

Chinese Herbal Granules (per week).                                                                        £30-45

Acupuncture Treatments